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Carnegie Carnival Parade 2021

Carnegie Carnival follows Decatur’s parade route, begining at Bank Street proceeding to Lee Street and then on to 2nd Avenue. The parade will end and turn right on Grant Street.

Have you ever seen a full-size replica of a wooden pirate ship “sail” down the street? It happens every year at Carnegie Carnival, North Alabama’s Premier Mardi Gras Celebration! Join the Pirate Crewe O’Ye Crooked Goat, the Sirens of Achelous and Skeleton Crewe, Joe Cain’s Merry Widows, that wild and crazy Crewe of Chaos, the Majesties of Marmac, and the other-side-of-towners from the Southwest of the Border Crewe, plus many, many more for an unforgettable night of fabulous floats, music, dancing, and most importantly family fun!

Note: Grab your curbside real estate early… people pack the sidewalks as many as a dozen deep in the prime spots.

Want to join in the fun?

Find out how to start a Crewe and be a part of the fun!