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Roxy Hallmark

Meet Lady Roxy Hallmark.  After years as a fully “finished” duck hunting Labrador in Amory, Mississippi, Roxy landed in the lap of luxury serving as Queen of the Hallmark home since 2013.  She briefly worked as her mom’s Real Estate sidekick “Roxy the Realtor Dog” And now as a lady of leisure spends her days napping and daydreaming of her past hunting adventures.
Miss Roxy welcomed Spot (sort of!) to Her home a couple of years ago and never misses a chance to remind him who’s QUEEN!  She’s become accustomed to the Royal life with her dad King Jeff VIII and is ready to be fitted for her very own crown as Lady Barksalot.  Don’t tell Spot but she really loves him and hopes he is also crowned (Sir Bow Wow).
With another bday just around the corner Lady Roxy will be 15 on the 15th of February and if crowned fully capable of fulfilling her Royal duties – Assuming long naps are allowed.