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Remy Neal

Remy Neal is a multi-faceted creator raised in Decatur, Alabama.  He has had the privilege of creating music, theatre and spaces in NYC, San Francisco and various cities in 48 states.  He is honored to raise funds for the Carnegie Visual Arts Center and to contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the Decatur art scene. His mission is to curate unforgettable experiences, weaving together the threads of creativity and community.

In 2022, Remy founded byLoudHouse, a boutique company dedicated to empowering artists in discovering their unique brand and voice. Beyond this, the company serves as a beacon for mental health awareness and hosts events designed to shine a light on the diverse qualities that make each individual remarkable. Remy’s vision is to foster a community where creativity thrives, and mental well-being takes center stage.

Explore Remy’s world and the byLoudHouse initiative at, where artistry meets advocacy, and unique voices find their resonance in a harmonious blend of creativity and compassion.