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My name is Gizmo but all of my friends call me “Gizi”. I am the pawfect candidate for “Lady Barks A Lot”. I may be tiny but I have a mighty bark, and with it I often save my family from pizza delivery drivers, squirrels and bicyclists. My favorite foods are scrambled eggs, carrots and worms. Some of my hobbies include inspecting mailboxes, bird watching and notifying my family when my brother is late. I’m not just a pretty face, I am also very smart; I know how to shake hands, can throw a ball in the air and catch it, and am really good at hiding treats. I also like to help my mom in her office and give great input by barking during conference calls. I hope to raise a lot of money for the Carnegie and Animal Shelter, and will see you out on the Carnival scene with my tail wagging!