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Zere Carter

Danville High School

Zere Carter is the son of Zere and Christy Carter and Holly and Grant Bentley. He is a senior at Danville High School. He loves listening to music, playing music, and also learning the history of music. He enjoys concerts and all the things that go on behind the scenes. Zere plans to attend college and eventually have a career somewhere in music production. He is running for Carnegie Prince for many reasons, one of which is to support the local arts. Not only does he want to support the arts, but he also loves being involved in community activities. Since Zere has lived in this area his entire life, he loves being part of it to help it grow. Zere has a confident spirit that will take him places beyond anything he could ever imagine. He is dependable and well spoken. Zere has been engaged and involved in every aspect of the Reach and Teach program. Reach and Teaches mission is to provide passion and confidence to all students through the unconventional collaboration of education and rock & roll.