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Sofia Bates

Priceville High School

Sofia Bates, the daughter of Jeff and Vanessa Bates, is a senior at Priceville High School. She enjoys singing, spending time with her friends, leading Bible studies, leading her youth group and youth choir, as well as working at Chick-Fil-A. Sofia is a member of National Honor Society, President of MESSENGERS Youth choir (2018-2019), Capstone Leadership Academy (2018), selected at Priceville to submit to Daikin program (2018), and member of Homecoming (2018 and 2019)

Sofia plans to attend Mississippi State University in the fall of 2020 to study communications, with a focus on public relations. She also plans to be the head PR person in a ministry, and help organize conferences and events through that ministry. She wants to be a key role in the expansion of whichever ministry she enters.

Sofia feels that the arts in Morgan county are a key part of our culture, community, and they reflect the people through car shows, theater performances, and musical activities. They surround our county and help draw us in together as a people. The Bicentennial Fine Arts Festival displays this perfectly: local business owners who inspire creating, a celebration of our history, young choirs gathering to sing, old cars being displayed. It is an event where all ages, gender, and people can gather to reflect on our county and enjoy being together. This would not be possible without the arts, which is what makes them so important.