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Lauren Hudson

Priceville High School

Lauren Hudson, the daughter of Adam and Laurie Hudson, is a senior at Priceville High School. She enjoys singing, theatre, golf, spending time with friends, and being involved in church. Lauren is the President of the National Honor Society for the 2020-2021 school year and is also involved in FCA and Junior Civitan at Priceville. Lauren plans to attend college in the fall as her first step to pursuing a doctorate in education in order to become a history professor. Lauren feels that art is a universal language, something any person can understand and interpret. Art is imperative to community and culture for, in it, everyone can find something they relate to. Another beautiful thing about art is that it lives on forever, allowing future generations to have the chance to experience the beauty of it. In Morgan County especially, art serves as not only a way for one to express themselves, but also as a learning tool. Lauren also feels that by observing the art in our community we can learn a lot about our history and each other, making the bond of Morgan County grow even stronger. Lauren is running for Carnegie Princess in hopes to share this joy and love of art and community to those in Morgan County, and by the money earned bringing light to not only the art surrounding us but by giving to the CASA Association.