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Gidget Marie Cobl is a four year old Yorkie. We call Gidgy our semi-rescue, she formally belonged to her owner, Ginger’s  sister-in-law. Her early days were not promising, deemed “the wrong color”, locked in a kennel, the breeders who had her saw no value in this amazingly sweet dog. Ginger’s, sister-in-law stepped in to offer her a home. Gidget came to live with Ginger this past April, after circumstances made it impossible for Ginger’s  sister-in-law to keep her. And they have never looked back! Gidget is the official greeter at The Cupboard. She enjoys making everyone who comes in welcome, she takes her job quite seriously. She is a happy, plucky, little girl!
In her free time Gidget enjoys going for Jeep rides, she loves the feel of the wind in her hair.